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As a business grows, the volume of documents tends to increase as well. However, if all employees and secretaries are focused on creating and managing documents, who will take care of the essential tasks? That’s where our document services come in. We can help you create, manage, and ensure compliance with your documents, providing constant support and guidance to help you identify any shortcomings and areas for improvement.

Our document services cover a wide range of tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Document creation: creating and drafting documents such as contracts, proposals, reports, and presentations.

  • Document management: organising and managing documents, including filing, storing, and retrieving documents.

  • Document formatting: formatting documents according to specific guidelines or templates.

  • Document editing and proofreading: reviewing documents for spelling, grammar, and other errors and making necessary corrections.

  • Document scanning and digitisation: converting physical documents into digital formats for easy storage and access.

  • Document conversion: converting documents from one file format to another.

  • Document summarisation: creating summaries or highlights of long or complex documents.

  • Data entry: entering data from documents into databases or other software systems.

  • Transcription: transcribing audio or video recordings into written documents.

We prioritise the safe disposal of your confidential documents to ensure full compliance with GDPR regulations. We also ensure that the documents you create follow all applicable laws and regulations in your region. We use the latest technologies to manage, create, and dispose of documents, giving you easy access to all your documents and ensuring their accuracy and authenticity.

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